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Testing the GoPro Black 3+ on Hong Kong’s Lady Clementis Ride

In the last few weeks I was very lucky and got a brand new gadget to play with – the perfect outdoor-action boy’s toy, the “GoPro Hero Black 3+”.  Having initially tested the camera and software at home, using the baby as a guinea pig…. ( okay it was part of the justification for the pressie ! ), it was now time to christen it on the Hong Kong trails.

I decided to test the camera on a favourite section of trail called “Lady Clementis ride”. This luscious, flat but technical section of Jungle trail is only about 1km long, but highly accessible at less than 10 mins from home in Happy Valley.

Garmin Connect - Lady Clementis ride jungle - Google Chrome_2013-11-21_20-01-26

Garmin Connect - Lady Clementis ride jungle - Google Chrome_2013-11-21_20-04-03


The latest camera mounts / attachments were not yet available in Hong Kong, so I ran with the camera in my hand, and at a decent pace and then went back for some additional static shots.

The camera is very easy to use and the remote control unit works particularly well on the statics. The shots from the side of the track were excellent quality, but the handheld footage from the run were not quite as good, due to the lack of cushioning movement. This would have been the same with the head attachment. I filmed on low “light mode” as the day was not that bright and I was running under the jungle canopy. This may not have been the best and I need to go back and review the manual’s guidance on this setting for next time.

The software is user friendly. It was easy to convert 17 mins of recording into 3 mins of film. It took under 5 mins to actually run the trail. Simple functionality enables you to zoom, speed up, slow down and add music, titles and much more I have yet to learn.

On upload to vimeo, the film lost some of its clarity compared to the original.

3 comments on “Testing the GoPro Black 3+ on Hong Kong’s Lady Clementis Ride

  1. Mark 'I'm Pumped' Power
    November 21, 2013

    Awesome! You are a natural producer, strong running there too.

    Which editing software did you use?

    Mark Power +1 646 463 0066


    • adamwoolliscroft
      November 23, 2013

      I have initially dived into the Gopro software as part of the test.
      Thought it was really good and fit for purpose, which is editing action movies. There is plenty there but all the basics were pretty easy to use. The export function asks where you plan to post it, vimeo, youtube etc and then adapts it for that output…

  2. leorust
    November 22, 2013

    Interesting that you found it lost quality loading to vimeo. I have also just tested one of these and found no loss of quality when uploading the YouTube. Would be interesting to do a comparison

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