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Baby’s first adventure !

Everyone seems to be staring at us disapprovingly as the baby wails yet again! This is not a good feeling but there is nothing we can do to escape. The plane was supposed to take off 45 minutes ago but we are still sitting deadly still on the runway. The seat belt signs are on and this means that we are physically trapped in our seats. Trapped with a hungry little monster! The plane remains deadly static.

We have milk but on this occasion it is a tactical resource and also, an incredibly scarce resource. It has been tactically planned to use during take-off and then landing, 2.5 hours later. It’s prime objective is to distract the baby and to help her ears pop, so she’s not in pain. Also so that she’s not screaming and making us look like incapable parents !!


She was due a feed at 7.30 and we thought a slight delay to 8pm, take off time, would be perfect. She’d be ravenous, ferociously downing her liquid dinner and not even notice as we soared up into the air. However the static environment is not stimulating the baby and she’s bored, very bored and therefore noticing that she is in fact hungry, very hungry.

We have already succumbed to the pressure once about 15 minutes ago, giving her a little taste of the milk to try and silence her a little and dim the intensity of the red eyed stares from our surrounding passengers. It is a learning point for the future ! Babies don’t like the rationing approach! Having offered milk and then taken it away in an attempt to preserve this most valuable resource, only seems to have made her angry… and even more noisy.

A little drama is always good for parenting development. Next time we’ll have a back up bottle or 2, just in case the Hong Kong Express lets us down.

Apart from a backup bottle of milk for the flight we only forgot a bit of ribbon for the dummy, to stop it ending up in the dirt and dust of the streets of Chang Mai; the nail clippers as baby nails seem to grow at an incredible rate (must be all that calcium) and nappy bags, that are easily substituted.

All that boy scout training has obviously delivered! Even more prepared, we had recruited my parents to come along as trusty back up on our first ever baby trip. Can’t be too careful! It also, strategically meant we could sneak off for a little massage here and there whilst knowing out most precious asset, lovely lil Sienna was in very safe hands.

Overall it was an awesome first baby adventure holiday.


Chang Mai was a fantastic location and 4 days perfect. The direct 2.5 hour flight was easily manageable, admittedly with a few learning points, in time for the next adventure to Taiwan at Easter!


mmmm milkshake time with gu and bamps


Without a doubt the highlight of the trip, was having my parents join my newly formed family of three on the first adventure. This gave a new dimension to the trip and was an incredible opportunity for 3 generations to bond in an exciting new environment. Perfect!



A tiger by the tail ( and very ready to jump if needed ) and face off below !


More purr-fect than perfect was a visit to “The Tiger Kingdom”, which was unexpectedly a brilliant little day out. It was very professionally run and offered a mini adrenaline rush and the chance to get right up close to the tigers and even stroke them and really appreciate how powerful they are. You get up so close you tingle. See the next article…

Dad and I “were allowed” ( lucky I had completed a negotiation course or two ) to escape and nipped off for some testosterone time, which involved squeezing in a cheeky half day downhill mountain biking, which delivered the required adrenaline dose ( whilst the ladies got their equivalent shopping ). It was his first ever full on downhill experience! He, as always, was a legend and took to the trail like a local monkey to a tree!

Then we had the relaxed calmness of strolling around the beautiful temples in the middle of the old city and appreciating the architecture and culture as well as being able to just nip off and cool down with a relaxing smoothie in the trendy little organic Thai coffee shops



A lovely valentines day touch ( its a pancake ) at the hotel


Then finally massages and all that delicious Thai food. Yummy !

The hotel’s location wasn’t great being a bit isolated and the big sell, the pool, was too cold for the baby and the adult s too! The rooms were authentic décor and the warm friendly service made up for it but we’d go for a more central location next time.


Old Chang Mai temples


These horoscopes made great baby room souvenirs !






Shere kahn stay away from my man cub ! What a beautiful creature, so sober, looking down at the immature, fun seeking tigers jumping around like they were out of winnie the poo




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